Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Warrior

Out of choice I probably wouldn't of gone to see a film like this but my housemate really wanted to so I thought heck why not?

I'm glad I did because I actually really enjoyed it. Even though the story was about fighting it actually had a lot of depth to it with emotion and backstory. I find this really draws you into the characters and makes you really route for them through out the film.

However it is really unrealistic and half the time you're thinking "this would never happen" and about a quarter of the way through I could tell what was going to happen. The verisimilitude, for me, was completely lost in this film. There was also a lot of holes in the storyline where things should have been explained better and the ending is a big hole in the story as it ends pretty abruptly. 

However I did enjoy the film and this is helped by the fact that Tom Hardy looks mighty fine in it. 

Friends With Benefits

I really quite liked this film. It was better than I thought it would be. It was surprisingly witty and pretty funny. The characters were good, especially Justin Timberlake's. However I can't help but feel he's playing the same sort of characters. I know he hasn't done many films but he's starting to get into a box and if he doesn't play a different roll soon he may get stuck in it.

Even though these types of films are predictable I think the main reason this film worked is that the friendship they originally had was good. They were brutally honest with each other, like friends are and that's what made it particularly funny. There's lots of sexy bits too so good for JT fans.

I haven't seen No String's attached so I can't compare the two but I think this would give it some good competition.