Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Glee Project

I'll try a give an unbiased view of this show, which will be difficult as I love Glee.

I have to say I'm pretty damn impressed with the show. It is a competition to find someone to star in seven episodes of glee. Someone who has to look like they could still be in high school, who is 18 or over and is unique. The auditions had me hooked straightaway. The singing competition convention of 'show quite good people and be in awe and show rubbish people and laugh/cringe' does not apply to this show. Every person they showed on the programme was actually amazing. They cut out all the crap as there really is no point in showing it and just showed the talent. How they managed to cut it down to the twelve people they chose I'll never know.

The final 12 move into a house together, which looks like the glee set and each week are set an assignment to work on such as dance, conveying vulnerability etc to make them more gleeable. The programme starts off with a big glee group number, the same as the show. 

Then they record a song, shoot a video and the bottom three compete in a sing off. 

The judges all work on glee including , from left to right and then below, casting director, choreographer, vocal coach and writer. 


The standard is really high. It's hard to see who is going to win. I'm rooting for Damian, the northen Irish guy, 'cos well, he's British (Y) But he does have a really nice voice.

I would like a guy to win as I think there are too many girls and not enough boys on glee as it stands. I think these two, Cameron and Samuel, are the strongest though. For their talent and their originality (obviously not because they're very attractive.) 

Its probably finished by now so I'm being very cautious as I scan the net looking for pictures for this blog post.  Here in the UK its on Sky1 HD at 9pm on Wednesdays and we're down to the final 8. Tune in, its pretty awesome for Gleeks and Non Gleeks.

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