Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Warrior

Out of choice I probably wouldn't of gone to see a film like this but my housemate really wanted to so I thought heck why not?

I'm glad I did because I actually really enjoyed it. Even though the story was about fighting it actually had a lot of depth to it with emotion and backstory. I find this really draws you into the characters and makes you really route for them through out the film.

However it is really unrealistic and half the time you're thinking "this would never happen" and about a quarter of the way through I could tell what was going to happen. The verisimilitude, for me, was completely lost in this film. There was also a lot of holes in the storyline where things should have been explained better and the ending is a big hole in the story as it ends pretty abruptly. 

However I did enjoy the film and this is helped by the fact that Tom Hardy looks mighty fine in it. 

Friends With Benefits

I really quite liked this film. It was better than I thought it would be. It was surprisingly witty and pretty funny. The characters were good, especially Justin Timberlake's. However I can't help but feel he's playing the same sort of characters. I know he hasn't done many films but he's starting to get into a box and if he doesn't play a different roll soon he may get stuck in it.

Even though these types of films are predictable I think the main reason this film worked is that the friendship they originally had was good. They were brutally honest with each other, like friends are and that's what made it particularly funny. There's lots of sexy bits too so good for JT fans.

I haven't seen No String's attached so I can't compare the two but I think this would give it some good competition. 

Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Inbetweeners Movie

Quite possibly one of the most anticipated films of the summer...

..and its smashing it!

I tried to stay away from the hype as much as possible as I find that when you go to watch films that are hyped up you're disappointed. However...

It was pretty damn good. I tried to avoid what everyone was saying about it to not give it away/expect more from it but it didn't matter, it was still very good. 

Only downside is the trailer does give a lot away and the same jokes are used so that bit is a bit unfunny. However there are many more jokes to make up for it. 

I think it was a big decision to turn the much loved sitcom into a film as you would run the risk of 'killing it'. A feature length film is a much longer time to keep people entertained and laughing compared to a half an hour prime time slot. But it worked. Just the right amount of funny, right amount of storyline for each character and some character development. It had funny jokes, wit, silliness and cringe moments, something for everyone. I don't want to ruin it too much for everyone and give away the ending but I thought it was a nice way to finish off The Inbetweeners Journey.

Apologies for the vague review but I saw it a couple of days ago and memory of it is not as clear. 

Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Glee Project

I'll try a give an unbiased view of this show, which will be difficult as I love Glee.

I have to say I'm pretty damn impressed with the show. It is a competition to find someone to star in seven episodes of glee. Someone who has to look like they could still be in high school, who is 18 or over and is unique. The auditions had me hooked straightaway. The singing competition convention of 'show quite good people and be in awe and show rubbish people and laugh/cringe' does not apply to this show. Every person they showed on the programme was actually amazing. They cut out all the crap as there really is no point in showing it and just showed the talent. How they managed to cut it down to the twelve people they chose I'll never know.

The final 12 move into a house together, which looks like the glee set and each week are set an assignment to work on such as dance, conveying vulnerability etc to make them more gleeable. The programme starts off with a big glee group number, the same as the show. 

Then they record a song, shoot a video and the bottom three compete in a sing off. 

The judges all work on glee including , from left to right and then below, casting director, choreographer, vocal coach and writer. 


The standard is really high. It's hard to see who is going to win. I'm rooting for Damian, the northen Irish guy, 'cos well, he's British (Y) But he does have a really nice voice.

I would like a guy to win as I think there are too many girls and not enough boys on glee as it stands. I think these two, Cameron and Samuel, are the strongest though. For their talent and their originality (obviously not because they're very attractive.) 

Its probably finished by now so I'm being very cautious as I scan the net looking for pictures for this blog post.  Here in the UK its on Sky1 HD at 9pm on Wednesdays and we're down to the final 8. Tune in, its pretty awesome for Gleeks and Non Gleeks.

Monday, 1 August 2011

The Chicago Code

Yet another American triumph.

 I'm not a big crime drama fan but I have to say that I was taken aback by this series. It started off a bit shaky but got better and better as the season went on. The last two episodes were really fantasic. So Why on Earth are Fox cancelling it?! It's such a shame when brilliant TV dramas are cancelled such as this and FlashForward yet programmes such as Lost continue on for so many seasons! I mean who was still watching Lost when it finished?!

I'm truly gutted. I guess there's nothing else to say now I've just found out its cancelled.
It makes you want to go to Chicago and its awesome and its such a shame its over. That is all. 

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Now I'm not the biggest fan of Harry Potter. I liked the first four films but didn't like five, six and seven part one. This is partly due to the director but also the story lines. I think the last three films were catered more to Harry Potter fans and people like me who haven't read the books, I suppose we're muggles, were left dumbfounded sometimes as to what was going on. However despite all this I did like the last one.

I thought the way it all came together was done really well. There was a lot of action in this movie which I feel was also done well. You weren't left thinking "Ok I've seen too much wand action now". There were some things that made me laugh that weren't supposed to. Voldemort. Although I'm not sure whether this was my immaturity or the fact that it was just a bit too silly. 

For example this had me in stitches:

Overall I was impressed with this. I still think that it didn't really need to be a two parter as I don't think part one had a lot of substance.

I'm telling you what I think about Films and TV

'cos I think I have a pretty good opinion of it. I know I know, modest much? But hear me out.

I'm doing Media Studies, a mickey mouse degree apparently but this should surely warrant a good opinion of both these media platforms. I also watch quite a lot them. So yeah :)